The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York
The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York

February's Speaker -

Title: Don’t Get Ticked New York!


Speaker: Dr. Matt Frye



Description: Tick problems in New York are on the rise. This presentation will identify the risks associated with ticks, provide information on how to avoid ticks, dispel popular myths, and offer options for management. Information about tick biology, including the lifecycle of the blacklegged tick and details about transmission of pathogens will be discussed in the context of management programs. Emphasis is on personal protection, surveillance and identification to determine where ticks are found, when they are active and the implications for management. Repellants, acaricides, tick checks, tick removal, recognizing tick-borne diseases and understanding how pesticide applications can kill ticks will be discussed.


Biography: Dr. Matt Frye is an Extension Educator with the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University. He provides education and conducts research related to pest management in and around buildings. Matt received his Master's and PhD in entomology from the University of Delaware and worked as an urban entomologist in the pest management industry before joining the IPM Program.

Meeting Location:

Sir John's Italian Restaurant

915 N Broadway

White Plains, NY 

(914) 946-9429

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