The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York
The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York

July Meeting - Speaker: Kaitlin Gallagher-"Parasites and Sharks"

Kaitlin Gallagher is a PH.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut.  Her interest in the marine world began in her teenage years when she spent her free time scuba diving off the coast of South Florida.  When she began her undergraduate studies at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) she decided to turn this passion into a career by majoring in marine biology.  During her time at FAU she completed two research projects.  The first compared the parasite assemblages of fish from the Columbia River Estuary (Oregon), the second investigated the seasonality of a single celled parasite that infects bivalves in the Indian River Lagoon (South Florida).  Upon completion of her B.A., Kaitlin moved to Connecticut to pursue her doctorate in evolutionary biology and parasitology.  She is currently studying tapeworms that infect pelagic thresher sharks in order to better understand the evolution of novel body forms.

August Meeting (August 1st) - Member Meeting

September Meeting - Speaker: Ron Watkins will speak about Salmon Sharks

October Meeting - Speaker: Asher Jay-Artist

Meeting Location:

*New Meeting Location*

Sir John's Italian Restaurant

915 N Broadway

White Plains, NY 

(914) 946-9429

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