The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York
The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York

October 2022 Speaker

Title: Tragedy of the John K. Shaw Wreck


Speaker: Dan Lieb


Description:  The Tragedy of the John K. Shaw is a story of a wreck identified, a hit-and-run at sea, and the court cases that followed


Dan Lieb is the current president of the New Jersey Historical Divers Association, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of New Jersey shipwreck and maritime history. Dan has participated in dozens of archaeological investigations on wreck sites in and out of the state of New Jersey. Most of these investigations were under the direction of professional contract archaeologists. As a founding member and trustee of NJHDA, he has given dozens of presentations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Delaware on the topic of New Jersey shipwreck history. He has identified fourteen wrecks off the New Jersey coast. Lieb appeared on the History Channel’s program "Deep Sea Detectives" in September of 2004. The program featured two old, sunken locomotives investigated by NJHDA. The locomotives are amongst the oldest known to exist. In August 2014, he and

Steve Nagiewicz led an expedition to map the “Robert J. Walker,” a historic wreck off Atlantic City.



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San Martino Italian Restaurant



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