The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York
The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York

May-Jeffrey Dellon from Reefsave                

Founded: August 27, 2017


Reefsave's Mission

To do scientific research, education, and training to implement strategies that protect Western Atlantic and Caribbean reefs from loss of marine life, through practical implementations that create economic benefits for practices that promote self-sustaining long term reef health. The mission is set forth in The Plan.


What They're Doing

Every day, the reefs of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, are slowly being destroyed by the invasive Lionfish. The voracious Lionfish eat the juveniles of many species and upset the natural ecological balance. With no natural predators, they rapidly expand their numbers and range. The reefs are dying and with that, the source of food for other fish and humans too. You can help them change that.


They have a simple mission: create a self-sustaining system to remove the invasive lionfish and protect the reef and marine life by: 


Creating economic benefits for local people to fish for the invasive lionfish; 


Developing low-cost solutions for local fisherman to be able to earn a living from Lionfish trapping; 


Helping to create a new type of fishing industry for trapping invasive lionfish in small 3rd world countries helping to create new jobs and self-sustain removal of the invasive species.







Meeting Location:

Sir John's Italian Restaurant

915 N Broadway

White Plains, NY 

(914) 946-9429

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