The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York
The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester County, New York

June 2024 Speaker

Speakers: Michael Salvarezza and Christopher Weaver


Discussion topic: The Channel Islands: California's Underwater Jungle


May Location: Sir John's Restaurant


There’s a jungle off the California coast. It is lush, and green, and filled with a marvelous diversity of life. It is every bit a wilderness, with a complex eco-system that is both resilient and fragile. And if you were to look at the islands poking their heads above the water about an hour outside of Ventura, you’d be surprised to be using those words.


The islands look barren and dry. Hardly the place for thick jungles of plants and trees. But beneath the waves off these coasts lie the magnificent kelp forests, dense groves of mesmerizing plants swaying with the movement of the water and harboring some of the most beguiling temperate marine life to be found anywhere. Join Eco-Photo Explorers as they explore the kelp forests of California’s Channel Islands.


Michael Salvarezza and Christopher Weaver have been diving the waters of the world since 1978. They have presented their work numerous times at the Boston Sea Rovers Underwater Clinic, and all of the major dive conferences, and have published more than 200 articles in numerous magazines, including National Geographic Adventure. Their work has been used to support a variety of research and educational programs. Their expeditions have taken them from the Arctic to the Antarctic and many places in between.





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